Tashi Delek

Tashi Delek is a warm and sincere greeting word that you have to learn if you were in Tibet. Rough equivalence to Hi or Hello but literally means "Good Luck & Good Health"  in Tibetan. So, may I wish all the visitors a warm Tashi Delek !

Potala Palace-TheLittleTibet.com

The Potala Palace 
The Symbol of Tibet and its in the capital Lhasa. 
Land of peace and tranquillity. 
Door Curtain-TheLittletibet.com
This is door curtain is at Sera Monastery, one of the sacred ancient monastic ,institution. In the same place I found this little boy with his mother, as usual, very shy boy. I manage to give him a gift, i saw myself in his eyes. I was exactly like him. 
Little Tibetan boy-TheLittleTibet.com

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