Founded in London Spitalfields, by Tenzin in 2008, The Little Tibet is a platform for Himalayan people to showcase their work of passion for long term sustainable livelihood. We travel regularly to different parts and regions of the Himalayas (such as Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Kashmir and Ladakh), and handpick each piece of craft. Why? Each art work is specially propagated with story and real human touch.

Striving to satisfy your desire in unique & artful crafts and textiles, our goal is to continuously aspire you with the authentic Tibetan & Himalayan culture. We love to share the local artists’ heartfelt sentiments and gazing smiles with you. We believe from the simple livelihood to the preservation of one's own trait, their skills are not ideally in museums but shared and passed into the community and generations. Therefore, we are waiting for your advice, appreciation and grief for our journey.