Tibetan Prayer Flags / Lungta Flag/Windhorse Flag

These five colour flags arrangement represents sky, air, fire, water and earth in Tibetan tradition. These flags are called Lungta, literally means WindHorse. Hanging these flags will bring luck, protection and success by transforming misfortune into happiness. When the wind blows the flags, blessing and compassion embodied in the image spread across all directions until image on the flags fades into the universe.

Ideally, there are hanged on high ridges, mountain passes, even Mt.Everest as Tenzin Norgyal and Hillary posted in 1960s. These days, lungta flag can easily hang on doors, windows, tree branches etc. As a Tibetan, we are a bit of superstitious and our consciousness simmers along luck and good fortunes. However, this tenderness embodies unselfishness thought of sentient beings for a happier and devoid of various forms of sufferings. Such care and devotion are represented with this Lungta (WindHorse) flags with imprinted mantras and prayers of good fortune for all sentient beings .

High up in the valley of Ladak

This is North of Lhasa Valley in Tibet

Near Lekher Monastery in Ladak

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