Last minute gift ideas for him who made this year amazing!

Christmas is fast approaching, and with the busy schedule you have, some people on your list might still be needing a gift. Do not sacrifice quality with the limited time you have! We have the best items to ensure your gifts will be well-loved by the recipient.  We will list the essentials with the style and functionality anyone will anticipate receiving. 

Don't fret because we have gathered the most practical items from our shop to help you deliver a gift the guys will love. Allow us to do the thinking, and so you will only have to worry about the shopping. 

Monochrome Diamond Boiled Wool Blanket - £97

The perfect gift for hard-working fathers, this diamond wool blanket features a soft and thick texture to keep them warm this holiday as they take the rest they deserve. Made from 100% lambswool, this blanket can be used in many ways as decor or wrapped around your body. 

Krista Tibet Shawl - £25

This wool shawl boasts a contemporary design which complements the festive spirit of this holiday. Give the guys something to keep them warm and comfortable in this cold season. 

Happy English Check Boiled Wool Blanket - £97

This multi-coloured checked blanket is the perfect gift for the hippie guys who loves a good adventure. Send them this soft and thick blanket in all their adventures with a quintessential homey look. 

Tingsha Bells with Tibetan Auspicious Symbols - £12

In this most trying time, stress gets the best of us. To the men who are burned out and crave a sense of relief, these Tingsha bells will give them the healing they need and the relaxation they deserve. 

Atlas Cashmere Skinny Scarf - £29

To the guys who value style and functionality, this skinny cashmere scarf boasts a luxuriously soft feel on the skin, which perfectly complements any outfit. Gift your loved ones this cashmere scarf to make their holidays warmer. 

Navy Cashmere Skinny Scarf - £29

Woven from cashmere, this skinny scarf features a soft and lightweight texture that sits comfortably on the skin. They say men are not picky, but this accessory is for those who want luxury in their everyday life. 

Concluding thoughts….

Don’t miss the chance to give a useful yet stylish gift to your loved ones. Christmas is the season of giving and it's time to give back to those who made this year bearable amidst the pandemic. Embody the generosity of this festive season by being someone’s Santa to lift their spirits up!


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