Don’t Just Be Healthy, Be Extremely Well, Happy, and Thriving!

Enjoy a Better Life, Take Your Wellness to the Limit! 

World Health - The Little TibetCelebrating World Health Day this April 7 may be the most meaningful yet, and possibly the most intense, in light of the continuing almost global struggle of humankind with the deadly pandemic. But by promoting the importance and effective pursuit of wellness, we may soon get over not only Covid 19 but everything that will compromise our health and existence in the unknown future. 
Now, let’s start by enumerating and reviewing things we can start doing, beginning today, to take our state of health and wellness to a higher level. Here goes… Yoga by the sea - The Little Tibet

The Four Aspects of Man
First, we must bear in mind that we are not just physical beings composed of flesh and blood. Every human being has four aspects or dimensions:
  • Physical: our body, the skin, brain, eyes, to name a few.
  • Mental: our mind, ability to think and reason, our intellect.
  • Emotional: our feelings or emotions as we experience and interact with one another, life, and the world.
  • Spiritual: our soul, inner being, or essence, one that connects us with the universe, the spiritual realm.
These four aspects should align and balance with one another for us to become ‘whole’ or complete, thriving, and fulfilled. 
Now we are ready to identify ways to introduce balance in all four aspects that will eventually promote, increase, and strengthen our overall wellness.  
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Wellness strategies for optimum ‘Physical Health’
  • Strive and work not only for getting well from sickness but going beyond that, such as reaching the optimum state of wellness.
  • Feed yourself with more natural, nutritious foods and just a minimum of processed foods; much better if your daily diet has no processed food items, no white sugar, etc., but organic foods. Or foods grown naturally.
  • Get a restful sleep every night, at least 6 to 8 hours. It allows the body to heal itself.
  • Practice meditation as it provides additional benefits you cannot get from any other practice, exercise, or activity. 
  • Avoid stress; though it may be impossible to avoid it completely, so learn how to manage stress, or sign up to a Stress Management program. 
  • Our bodies, our legs, and our arms are designed for movement, so strengthen these limbs through physical exercises and take part in activities like walking, swimming, yoga, and low-impact exercises.
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Wellness strategies for optimum ‘Mental Health’
  • Positive attitude to both pleasant and unpleasant experiences in life.
  • Ability to bounce back to normal after a negative experience.
  • Understanding and genuine forgiveness for wrongdoings done by other people.
  • Belief that ‘bad experiences’ may sometimes be a way for the universe or fate to teach us a valuable lesson to make us a better person. 
  • Trust that ‘bad experiences’ may sometimes be ‘blessings in disguise’ because better ones are in store for you soon. 
  • Take up activities that help expand your consciousness, knowledge, and experience, and abilities.
  • Stimulate your brain and thinking by enjoying and doing things to enhance your latera or creative thinking.
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Wellness strategies for optimum ‘Emotional Health’
  • Learn to forgive yourself as other people also make mistakes, but learn from that mistake and move on.

  • Always credit yourself for the good things you’ve done for other people. 
  • Constantly choose to be among healthy and positive people. 

  • Examine your views about life’s meaning and purpose and how to align your life with the principles that you believe are important.

Wellness strategies for optimum ‘Spiritual Health’
  • Acknowledge whole-heartedly that our time in this world is limited. We must value more and prioritize the essential things in life. So, do a lot of good work like volunteering to worthy causes, being kind and understanding.
  • Know and understand that beyond the physical world we live in exists a spiritual dimension; we don’t see the air, but we can definitely feel it; the spiritual dimension exists, and humans have varying degrees of the ability to sense the unseen world. 
  • Be prayerful.Meditation, prayers, chants, adoration and other spiritual practices may sometimes open our consciousness to the spiritual world once the ‘third eye’ is activated. 
  • Extend your spirituality to your daily routine and activities.
  • Open your senses and your mind to the wonders of Nature, and be grateful

These are some tips and strategies to promote wellness. Try to explore more and integrate them into your routine. As this becomes a part of what you do, you may discover new, unique ways to add to your health and wellness approach.
Remember to enjoy life and focus on the good things. Learn to be giving, forgiving, prayerful, and introspective. Relish and uphold life!
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