The Little Tibet

Joella Liliac Fine Silk Wrap TT45-222

£55 £68

Silk Pashmina are mostly known for their beautifully designed and bright colours, and this Fine Silk Wrap is of a finer made with thinner threads woven with the highest tension, they are designed to last even longer, yet lighter in weight plus a seamless edge/selvedge, keeping it from unraveling and fraying.

Beautiful, regal design woven in pure silk and promises to give you a soft sensation of warmth and luxury when worn as a scarf on the neck or for evening wears around your shoulders. Features subtle lilac and navy colours that transmit light brilliantly. With the appealing Joella Liliac Fine Silk Wrap, your day and night couldn’t have been better as it shields you from the any occasions.

Size: approx. 200x72cm
Composition : 100% silk

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