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Gold Dorjee Pendant

  • £97.00

A gold plated silver pendant that is highly eye-catching due to it’s thunderbolt design and array of colours. Adorned around the edges with the vibrant colours Ruby/Emerald or Turquoise/Coral, the centre itself holds a Turquoise thunderbolt (Dorjee in Tibetan) that is symbolic of strength and firmness. A statement Coral stone is strategically placed in the middle to add dimension to this unique piece. You can easily utilise this pendant to really catch the eye of others or simply to add colour and style to your already fashionable outfit.

  • Handmade
  • Material: Gold plated on 925 Sterling silver; Turquoise, Coral; Ruby, Emerald
  • Pendant diameter: 41mm
  • weight : approx.11.5-12g

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