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English Garden Boiled Wool Blanket-BW136


Immerse yourself in a creamy white English Garden with this dense boiled wool blanket. A super soft touch as a result of boiling and no inclusion of chemicals. It's a warmer companion for cold climates, very durable and provides an alternative for traditional woollen blankets. Suitable for your countryside enclave or downtown mansion. Utilise it in many ways such as a shawl during the winter, a throw on the bed, a piece of decor for the house or as a beautiful gift to your friend.

Sizes: approx. 145 x 200 cm
Material: 100% Lambswool
Washing instruction: Cold wash in machine/hand and dry out flat

Colour: We ensure our best that photos are accurate with respect to actual products colour profile. If you need more pictures please let us know before hand.

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