The Little Tibet

Beaded Tibetan Neckpiece (Extra Large)

£145 £165

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The Beaded Tibetan Neckpiece, also known as the “Kyi Bhub” is an absolute stand out piece that has been uniquely decorated with the eye-catching and vibrant colours of turquoise, coral, amber as well as one of a kind stones. It’s colours are not the only thing to make it stand out but also the materials that it is made out of include fine-grained clay, tree resin beads, sea shells. It is also handmade and hand-beaded.

 As with all of our crafted jewellery, we make sure that each piece can be utilised and styled in various ways. As this is our largest neckpiece, we suggest wearing this with something simple and neutral to really draw the attention to the necklace as it is highly exclusive in it’s design. It can be fastened through the neck as we made provisions for a fastening strings just at the back. It’s size and design separate from any other piece you have ever owned!

Size is 36x35.5 approx.

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