The Little Tibet

Ayla Gold Fine Silk Wrap TT45-221

£55 £68

Silk Pashmina are mostly known for their beautifully designed and bright colours, and this Fine Silk Wrap is of a finer made with thinner threads woven with the highest tension, they are designed to last even longer, yet lighter in weight plus a seamless edge/selvedge, keeping it from unraveling and fraying.

With Ayla Gold Fine Silk Wrap, your day couldn’t have been better as it shields you from the harsh weather and also blends in with your fashion sense. Its neon gold colour boasts of nature making you stand out amidst other people anywhere you go to.  Its spontaneous and sophisticated look can go a long way with virtually any style of dressing you might want to wear. 

Size: approx. 200 x 72 cm
Composition : 100% silk

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