Tibetan Lungta Prayer Flags or Wind Horse Flag

These five-colour flags arrangement represents the sky, air, fire, water, and the earth in Tibetan tradition. These flags are called Lungta, which literally means Wind Horse. Hanging these flags will bring luck, protection and success by transforming misfortune into happiness. When the wind blows on the flags, blessing and compassion embodied in the images spread across all directions until the flag itself fades and dissolves into the universe.

Ideally, these are hung on high ridges, mountain passes, even Mt. Everest as Tenzin Norgyal and Hillary posted in the 1960s. But you don’t have to risk your life to spread this goodness. You can easily hang them on doors, windows, trees branches, on the wall, and so on. I hang them on my peach tree on the balcony. They always give me an extra something whenever I see them. You can discover other ways to use them and find places to hang them.

Note: Please make sure the prayer flags that you acquire from others have correct spellings of the mantras. In many instances, I saw them with incorrectly spelled mantras which will have negative consequences.

Tibetan Prayer flags

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