Cashmere has a well-known history throughout the centuries of being a choice fabric often worn by the elite and noble-born for its insulative, luxurious look and high-quality.  

Natural selection has given Cashmere goats the warmest undercoat hair which allows them to survive in the most extreme temperature of the Himalayas.  

The warmth and durability of the cashmere fibre make it worth an investment. When you own a pure cashmere item in the grade A group, it can last around 30 years with proper care and usage. The fibre of the cashmere measures between 8-10microns in width and about 10 times thinner than our hair. Moreover, it is eight times warmer than sheep wool and has no comparison to any other wool fibres around. 

Cashmere Fibres

The cashmere fibres when viewed on electron microscope reveal the main secrets of the fibres very distinctly. It is the finest fibre that also has the least number of scales. When there are more scales, the fibre is much rougher which is one of the main causes of itchiness to some individual with sensitive skin. This scientifically proven fact answers why the ancient Himalayans trade cashmere fibres like gold in the mountainous regions, and in the courtyard of ancient kings and queens.  

In future articles, we are going to go deeper inside the world of cashmere and its wonders.  

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