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Tibetan Singing Bowl-YD80


Made up of 7 different metals, this Tibetan singing bowl is hand-beaten to its shape. There is the most powerful mantra hand-etched in the exterior. This is the mantra of “Buddha of Compassion”, read as "Om Mani Padme Hum", it promotes purify of mind  and cultivation of inner wisdom. Exquisite as it is, other elements include the Buddha face, wisdom-fire, as well as the symmetrical double Dorjees inside the bowl which suggests strength and stability. 

This bowl is light and easy for portable, wherever you go, strike it to create the resonances of calm and smoothing sonic vibration, which will effectively penetrate in your inner body and massage into deeper level tissues. The deep and dense sound triggers your theta brain wave and slowly put you in a meditative state.

Other benefits of handmade Tibetan bowls include balancing energy, chakra healing, stress reduction, improve concentration & memory, better sleep, harmonise and empower positivism within etc, as a result they are popular amongst yoga practitioners.

Weight : 585g
Diameter: 15cm
Sound (musical note): F4

Our ebook, The Tibetan Singing Bowl, may help you to understand further about Tibetan bowls. This book contains over 100 pages of illustrations with clear instructions, which will accompany very well with your singing bowl for a great experience. You can find out more at:


About the book: The Tibetan Singing Book: A Step-by-Step Sound Therapy Guide

“We, at ‘The Little Tibet’, have participated in many events across the counties of Great Britain with our Tibetan Singing Bowls. On this journey, we witnessed locals’ reactions to these mysterious objects. Many see them as useless kitchen bowls, too awkward to be food bowls, too ugly to be worthy display pieces and some say merely pots without handles.

However, among them, there were many who had seen Tibetan Singing Bowls being used during their travels, yoga classes and meditations. These people asked many questions and both their enthusiasm and curiosity have compelled us to unearth a deeper knowledge of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Hence, we embarked on another journey to rediscover the true culture behind these bowls and investigate further knowledge including that of ancient Tibetan Bön sharman traditions and scientific analysis of the bowls. Most importantly we also wanted to entrain ourselves to be singing bowl therapists to experience the benefits on a personal health and spiritual level.

Our experiences from scientific experiments, scholarly debates, countless therapy sessions and practical trainings managed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Accordingly, we developed some essential training manuals in Part II of this book from beginner to advanced level singing bowl therapy.

Many of these relaxation techniques can be used in the comfort of your own home, although some techniques need guidance for more holistic healing experiences. In addition, just listening to the sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl can reduce your stress hormones, i.e. cortisol, and by immersing yourself in a sound bath, you can lower your blood pressure.

Hence, we impart our experience of Tibetan Singing Bowls, hopefully helping you and others to achieve a healthier mind, body and spirit.

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