The Little Tibet

Tibetan Hand-woven Freedom Bracelet - Chemi Gudril


“Chemi Gudril” is literally translated to mean immortal and deathless nine-eyes. It’s  roots are from prisons in Tibet, this bracelet woven with black and white cotton yarn symbolises a unique story of imprisoned nuns trying to subtly protest whilst retaining their identity. Later they are smuggled out of prison to the streets to convey their hope and defiance. Soon after, it became known as the “Freedom Bracelet”

Derived from old Tibetan slingshots woven from Yak’s hairs, it has a nine-intricate similar design called "eyes." It has whirled around the world as an expression of solidarity and freedom. You can wear it around the arms or ankle to show symbolism for this story or add a bit of monochrome touch to your style.

Handmade from cotton yarn
Length: 22cm approx.

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