The Little Tibet

Slenna brown boiled wool Capes-CP112


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This is a one-piece-only rich brown merino wool cape, it is embellished with bright hand embroidered stitching on top of a paisley design. Gorgeous fox fur lines the edges which creates a great piece full of style, comfort and cosiness. Beat the cool weather but don't forget the style! 

This pure wool garment has been agitated by boiling at very high temperature in water to soften the wool fibres. This age old technique doesn't use any chemicals but it shrinks the fabric and results in a much denser felted fabric which resists fraying and further shrinkage. As a result size and colour of the fibre become permanent too. 

Size: 28x80cm approx.  
Material: 100% boiled merino wool, 100% fox fur  
Hand embroidery on top 

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