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Large Tibetan Brass Singing Bowl

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This brass Tibetan Singing Bowl is a one of a kind singing bowl that settles your ruffled emotions and muscles while bringing back forth calmness into your body. Are you having a hectic day? Could your day have gotten any worse with an insatiable boss at work, household chores to handle, and keeping in touch with friends and family?

Often, these activities tend to get on our last nerves and meditation or a yoga session might be the only way out for you to channel all those anger and frustrations towards being productive and peaceful. The singing bowl comes in handy towards this period as it allows you focus and calm your troubled mind. However, if we can make this our daily routine, we would realise that life is easier and peaceful than we had imagined. Feel free to try as many bowls as possible to see which one suits your chakra.

Notwithstanding, it is important to note that each bowl comes with its sound and musical note which is synonymous with a chakra. Therapists use these bowls in treating a patient for chakra balancing and treatment. Each bowl had different musical notes which are popularly 7 (seven) in number, i.e., F, C, G, D, A or B. Each note represents seven chakras including, Root Chakra, Navel chakra, Stomach chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third eye and Crown chakra.

From my personal experience, I do own a singing bowl which I hit every morning before my morning coffee. The sound or vibration can last for about five minutes which is just about the time I use in making coffee. With its soothing sound or vibration, even coffee tastes better.

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  • Large: Diameter = 16cm, Weight = approx.1.5 - 1.6kg
  • Medium: Diameter = 14cm, Weight = approx. 1kg
  • Small: Diameter = 10cm, Weight = approx. 0.5kg
  • Free wooden stick

Note: If you like a set of 3 bowls please let us know, otherwise, all bowls are sold individually. Please check the dimensions carefully before placing order.

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