The Little Tibet

Gold Double Dorjee Locket Pendant


This pendant combines luxury and significance in jewellery. A truly exquisite locket holds the icon of the Tibetan double thunderbolt (Dorjee in Tibetan). It has been  hand-crafted which really sets it apart from other pendants. Embellished with gold plated on top of sterling silver. It is further enhanced by Ruby and Emerald embellishments and remains a true representation of strength and firmness.

One unique thing about the locket is that, it can be opened from the back with two thread holes which would come in handy when locking the locket by it knot. An elegant pendant that brings with it a story whilst maintaining its beauty.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Gold plated on 925 Sterling Silver, Ruby, Emerald
  • Weight: approx. 9.7g
  • Locket height: 32mm
  • Locket width: 31mm


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