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Flower of Life Singing Bowl - Black



Are you having hectic days at work, with insatiable boss and household chores to juggle? How often do you feel your mind and spirits been stretched and desire for a quick down time? There is a simple answer to all these quests, its “Meditation using Singing Bowl”. This bowl has hand etching design of Flower of Life at the base and all around, it performs one of a kind sound therapy that settles your ruffled emotions and muscles while bringing back forth calmness into your body. 

Sit in a quiet corner or during a yoga session, take a bowl and play it for a few minutes with concentrations on your deep breathing. This will awake yourself healing powers within and re-energise your mind, body and spirit. If you are pursuing for a calmness and harmony, then prolong the session and try to empty your thoughts. Tibetan singing bowls have the calming effect on your mind and body.

Furthermore, singing bowls have particular sound or musical note which correspond to our body’s energy points called Chakras. These energies flow by vibration and also in its own frequencies. When one of these frequencies is distorted, our physical body as well as metal health are affected which is constituted as an ailment. Each bowl had different musical notes which represents seven chakras including, Root Chakra, Navel chakra, Stomach chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third eye and Crown chakra. (See diagram) Therefore, using a singing bowl will self-correct the Chakra distortion and eventually leads to a healthy mind and healthy body.

I have a facebook page on the singing bowls if you are interested -

  • Free wooden stick
  • Pitch: A & F
  • Weight: 2.5kg approx.
  • Diameter: 9 cm

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